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Domestic Development Status Of Tablet Press

Time:2019-07-05 13:46:18

(1) The tablet press has many specifications and a large number. The tablet press is the oldest pharmaceutical equipment in China, and it is also the earliest export and the largest output. It can suppress the shape of a circular piece, an engraving piece, a shaped piece, a double layer piece, a multilayer piece, a ring type piece, a package chip, and the like. The number, variety specifications and output of the tablet press manufacturers rank first in the world.

(2) In recent years, the tablet press manufacturers have begun to pay attention to product quality, and believe in the business philosophy of "winning by quality". The tablet press products developed are characterized by simple operation and convenient and quick cleaning, especially when changing varieties. Quick and convenient.

(3) The technical content is low and the technical innovation is insufficient. More than 40 domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies produce more than 60 varieties of tablet presses. Although new products are being introduced every year, there are very few varieties with high technical level and high added value. Product duplication is serious, and plagiarism is rampant. In order to survive, many small-scale pharmaceutical equipment enterprises not only adopt the "imitation type" strategy in technological innovation, but some manufacturers even rely on others' technology to "innovate". In order to compete for orders, they often resort to price reduction. Because the brand loyalty is low, after the price war is launched, these brands are more disadvantaged, which will inevitably lead to the overall retrogression of the design and manufacturing level of China's tablet presses.

Most of China's enterprises are private enterprises, and they do not have advantages in technology, equipment, and talents, which seriously restricts technological innovation of enterprises. Some enterprises lack R&D institutions, the innovation system is not perfect, the technical staff lacks the awareness of technological innovation, the overall technical strength of the enterprise is not strong, and the update speed of scientific research production technology equipment is very slow. The most noteworthy thing is that the scientific and technological talents of the entire industry are in a stage of "green and yellow". It can be said that the talent crisis is spreading throughout the industry.

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